Beautiful Hand Spun Fringed Runner


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Matilda Suclle Phacsi of Kiku village (Quico) hand spun the fine yarns and hand dyed them to create this beautiful work of art.  The 3 rows of images of sacred Inkarri (Chunchu) evoke strength and confidence in a world coming into harmony and balance.  The Inkarri expresses the Q’ero people’s belief in the future return of Inkarri (great Inka leader) and the resurgence of the greatness of the descendants of the Inka people. Matilda included wove many fine details in this soft, lovely textile. This beautiful textile is 14 inches wide, 47 inches long, with 3 inch fringe at both ends. 120 cm x 36 cm plus 8 cm fringe at each end.  You can enjoy this beautiful statement of solidarity with the Q’ero people on your table, across the back of a chair, hanging on a wall, as an alter cloth, or worn as a shawl.

Watch the story of how your textile was created in the Q’ero Nation and it’s journey to your hands and heart.  Weaving the the Q’ero Nation
Learn more about the Q’ero people and how your purchase helps Q’ero communities.  Heart Walk Foundation
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